Diamond Bridal Agency

A new book on pre-order

I don’t know how often I’ll be publishing, but I will say this is fun. With that, my second offering in the Diamond Bridal Agency series is now on pre-order.

Meet, Clint. ❤


Clint finds the validity of the Diamond Bridal Agency dubious at best.

He’s signed on to finally be done with a search he finds futile. His job could be on the line if his suspicions about the agency prove to be true. His theory is proven when his new bride meets him with a Russian accent and a lying tongue.

Margaret needs to hide from her past and there’s no easier way than to marry and have her trail disappear like vapor. Her brother is all-military and cold to the bone. When she meets Clint, and realizes her billionaire husband-to-be is also former military. All bets are off.

Can Clint break through Margaret’s lies to find out why she’s so terrified and will she choose him over her fear?

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