Diamond Bridal Agency

A Little bit of Morgan

Billionaire Bachelor: Morgan
Morgan’s attitude just cost him another personal assistant.

He’s scanning the paper, old school, when he comes across a strange ad, looking for women of various backgrounds. He calls to discover it’s a bridal agency, and that might just be the answer to his “attitude problem”. But will a bride be put off long enough to figure out he only needs a PA?

Eloise’s anger management coach thinks he has all the answers.
When he shoves a clipped ad in her face for a job, she’s just desperate enough to take it. She finds out, a little too late in the process, that she’s not answering a classified for a job, but a mail order bride agency!

When these two fierce personalities collide, only the Diamond Bridal Agency knows how it will all turn out.BB_Morgan_600x900


I’ll be working with another author on a new series soon. It’s still in development, so I can’t tell you much, but it should be a lot of fun.

Watch for more from the DBA. Melissa Stevens still has 2 books on preorder!

Diamond Bridal Agency

A new book on pre-order

I don’t know how often I’ll be publishing, but I will say this is fun. With that, my second offering in the Diamond Bridal Agency series is now on pre-order.

Meet, Clint. ❤


Clint finds the validity of the Diamond Bridal Agency dubious at best.

He’s signed on to finally be done with a search he finds futile. His job could be on the line if his suspicions about the agency prove to be true. His theory is proven when his new bride meets him with a Russian accent and a lying tongue.

Margaret needs to hide from her past and there’s no easier way than to marry and have her trail disappear like vapor. Her brother is all-military and cold to the bone. When she meets Clint, and realizes her billionaire husband-to-be is also former military. All bets are off.

Can Clint break through Margaret’s lies to find out why she’s so terrified and will she choose him over her fear?


Here we are. Day 1

Thanks for joining me! Today is the first day I can call myself an author! William published this morning and pushed his sweet self all the way up to #169, which I think is great considering I’m brand new.

Reading has been like breathing to me. In my late teens, I discovered old Johanna Lindsey and Linda Lael Miller books. I fell in love with them. I also adore the idea of old dime novels, just a little afternoon read that won’t bust your wallet and can be picked up and put down as needed. A candy read. That’s my goal. So, I hope you enjoy my contribution to the Diamond Bridal Agency.

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